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About us

The Common Room

noun: common room; plural noun: common rooms

1 : a lounge available to all members of a residential community.
2 : a room in a college for faculty use
3: a locally owned cafe designed for common folk to gather, eat, drink and feel a sense of belonging

Our vision for the common room begins and ends with people. Our experiences as individuals provides the opportunity for us to gather, in common, and tell our stories.
We believe that this is best done over great coffee and food.

Meet the owners:

Sabrina is the foodie. The gluten free and keto side of the cabinet comes from Sabrina’s own food experiences and sensitivities and she feels very strongly about creating foods that are indulgent, not just healthy.
Mike is the coffee nut. With 6 years of barista experience under his belt, he feels very passionately about creating the perfect coffee shot using People’s coffee beans.
Together, Sabrina and Mike have a family on the Kapiti Coast and you’ll often see them out and about walking their dog at the beach.